Cocktails Menu

The Whites


Salmon Creek Chardonnay

Chateau St. Michelle “Mimi” Chardonnay
40.00/btl only

Salmon Creek Pinot Grigio

B&G Vouvray – Chenin Blanc

Chateau St. Michelle Riesling

Wente Vineyards Riesling
48.00/btl only

Salmon  White Zinfandel
6.00/gls only

14 Hands Moscato

Cavit Moscato
7.00/gls only


The Reds


Antigal 1 Malbec

Salmon Creek Merlot

Salmon Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon

Kenwood Vulupa Cabernet Sauvignon

14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon*

Apothic Red, red blend

Deadbolt, red blend*

Seven Daughters Pinot Noir

McManus Petit Syrah

Rex Goliath Shiraz

Sandeman Founders Reserve Port

Seasonal Sippin’

Winterberry 7
Fresh muddled blackberries & raspberries with vodka, agave, lime juice & ginger beer

Spiced Apple Cider 7
Apple cider with an aromatic blend of citrus, spices and dark rum

Pineapple Swizzle 8
An exotic blend of rum, cilantro, jalapeno spiked Chartreuse liquor, pineapple & lime juices.  Deliciously different!

Kentucky Tea 7
Black tea steeped w/fresh mint and served with a shot of honey bourbon (hot drink)

Café Caribbean 7
Our specially blended coffee served with rum and Amaretto liquor (hot drink)

Java Jean 8
Named after our tequila loving Chef Jean. Our specially blended coffee served with Avion espresso or Patron XO Café tequila. (hot drink)

Select Spirits

Makers Mark, Knob Creek, Prichards Double Chocolate

Glenlivet 18,15 & 12yr,  Balvenie 12yr Doublewood, Chivas Regal 12yr, Spice Tree, Johnnie Walker Red, Dewars

Jameson, Jameson Black Barrel, Red Breast 12yr, Bushmills, Crown Royal 12yr, Bastille French Whiskey


Social Sippin’ House Favorites

Pineapple Eddie Martini 7
A refreshing blend of citrus vodka, ginger liquor, muddled lime & a splash of pineapple juice

The Hurricane 8
An intoxicating mix of light & gold rums, amaretto,orange, pineapple & citrus juices w/a splash of grenadine

Cuba Libre 6
The “original” rum & coke made with light rum,  lime juice and Coke

Pretty Lady 7
A delicate & exotic flavor blend of hibiscus vodka, passion fruit and citrus juices. Garnished w/a seasonal berry

Charleston Sunset 7
Celebrates the peach, blending light rum, apricot brandy & a splash of citrus & grenadine

Sazerac 8
Meet the sophisticated older brother of the “Old-fashioned” and the official cocktail of New Orleans. Rye, absinthe & a dash of house made bitters gives this libation retro appeal

Moscow Mule 8
Originally made circa 1940 to promote the sale of vodka. This cocktail marries the subtle spirit w/fresh lime juice and ginger beer giving this drink a refreshingly spicy kick

Beer on Tap

Yuengling 4

Bud Light 3

*Craft on tap 6.25
Ask the server about featured craft beer


The Bottled Domestics

Coors Light 3.75

Michelob Ultra 3.75

Sierra Pale Ale 5.25

Miller Light3.75

O’Doul’s (non alcoholic) 3.75

Sam Adams (seasonal) 6.75

Erie Railbender 6.00

Presque Isle Pilsner 6.00

Lavery Imperial Red Ale 8.00

Southern Tier IPA/ seasonal 5.25


The Bottled Imports

Corona 3.75

Dos Equis 3.75

Heineken 3.75

Killians 3.75

Labatts Blue 3.75

Blue Light 3.75

Blue Moon 5.25

Hoegaarden 6.25

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout 7 

Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout 9.50

Red Stripe 5.50

Stella Artois 6.25

Stella Cidre 7